Free of Charge for Absent Examinees of the Aug. 12, 2018 CSE-PPT on March 17, 2019 CSE-PPT

By | January 3, 2019 at 12:25 pm

CSC advised all Examinees who were not able to take the August 12, 2018 Career Service Examination, Pen and Paper Test (CSE-PPT) from Regions I, III, IV (except Morong, Rizal), and CAR is allowed to take the March 17, 2019 CSE-PPT for free of charge. (Examination Advisory No. 38, s. 2018 ).

March 17, 2019 CSE-PPT Civil Service Exam Free of Charge Absent August 2018

The consideration is in light of the torrential rains brought by southwest monsoon (Habagat), bringing severe weather conditions that might have caused non-attendance for some examinees.

Concerned examinees shall observe the following guidelines/procedures:

  1. Affected examinees will be given only one chance to take the examination free of charge. Those who would not be able to take the March 17, 2019 CSE-PPT shall have their examination fee and slot forfeited. Any request for postponement/another rescheduling shall not be allowed.
  2. Affected examinees shall be required to register with the CSC Regional Office (RO)/Field Office (FO) nearest them. Registration period shall run until January 16, 2019 only. Examinees concerned shall appear in person before the CSC RO/FO and present/submit the following items:
    • Duly accomplished Application Form (CS Form No. 100, Revised September 2016)
    • Four (4) pieces Passport sized I.D. pictures, with handwritten and handheld name tag and taken within three months prior to the filing of  application
    • Original and photocopy of any valid and existing I.D. cards for Career Service Examination
    • Original and photocopy of Application Receipt and/or CSC Official Receipt for the August 12, 2018 CSE-PPT (if available)
  3. Affected examinees shall only be accommodated in the same level of examination supposed to be taken in the August 12, 2018 CSE-PPT.
  4. Examinees who were absent in the August 12, 2018 CSE-PPT, but took and failed the same level of examination in the October 14, 2018 Special CSE-PPT for government agencies, shall be considered and accommodated in the March 17, 2019 CSE-PPT.

Signed by Fernando M. Porio, Director IV from Examination, Recruitment and Placement Office last December 27, 2018.


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