Cebu Room Assignment: May 2017 Dentists (Written & Practical Phases) Board Exam

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Cebu room assignments may 2017 dentists board exam written practical

The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) will release the list of examinees room/building/school assignment in Cebu for May 2017 Dentists Board Exam’ also known as ‘May 2017 Dentists Licensure Examination’ (Written & Practical Phases). The full list of room assignment will be available on this page, once the authority posted online.

PRC together with the Professional Regulatory Board of Dentistry will administer the dentists licensure exam on May 3 (Wednesday), 4 (Thursday) & 5 (Friday), 2017 for written phase in Manila and Cebu. While the practical phase will conduct on May 30 (Tuesday), 31(Wednesday), June 1 (Thursday) & 2 (Friday), 2017 in Manila.


– Room assignments is not yet available –


– Room assignments is not yet available –

Link to other room assignments [ Manila ]


The three (3) days examinations, covered the following subjects: General and Oral Anatomy and Physiology; General and Oral Pathology; General and Oral Microscopic Anatomy and Microbiology; Restorative Dentistry and Public Health, and Community Dentistry; Prosthetic Dentistry (Crown and Bridge, Removable Partial Denture and Complete Denture and Dental Materials); Roentgenology, Oral Diagnosis and Oral Surgery; Anesthesiology and Pharmacology; Pediatric Jurisprudence, Ethics and Practice Management; Periodontics and Endodontics.


  1. Class II Amalgam Examination
    1. Ideal Class II Cavity – preparation on two posterior teeth.
    2. The indicated (1) posterior tooth with cavity preparation will be filled up with Dental Amalgam (Typodont).
  2. Fixed Partial Denture Examination – Preparation of two abutments (anterior or posterior) for the reception of a Porcelain Fused to Metal Fixed Partial Denture (Typodont).
  3. Removable Partial Denture Design Examination:
    1. Bring your own maxillary and mandibular casts (dental stone) taken from a live patient with a full complement of teeth (full dentition). Properly based and trimmed.
    2. Knock down the missing teeth on the master cast to be indicated before the start of the examination. Round off and smoothen properly the edentulous areas.
    3. Using a surveyor, survey the possible abutment teeth. Place tripod marks on the cast.
    4. Design a Bilateral One Piece Casting Removable Partial Denture on the Master Cast.
    5. Transfer Design on the top answer sheet (one answer sheet only).
    6. Make Laboratory Prescription (Work Authorization) on the answer sheet (one answer sheet only).
    7. Do wax pattern. Prefabricated wax patterns are strictly not allowed.
  4. Complete Denture (Live Patient)
    1. Perform Diagnosis
    2. Make Preliminary Impressions
    3. Fabricate Diagnosis Casts
    4. Fabricate Individual Trays
    5. Make Final Impressions
    6. Fabricate Master Casts
    7. Fabricate Trial Denture Bases (use shellac base plates only) and Occlusion Rims
    8. Establish Maxillomandibular Relationships
    9. Mount on the Articulator (Semi-Adjustable or Non-Adjustable Articulators can be used)
    10. Set Artificial Teeth
    11. Perform Gingival Wax-up (Festooning)
    12. Perform Denture Try-in
    13. Please submit the following together with the patient
      1. Patient’s Chart and Provide Complete Armamentarium for Mouth Examination – 10%
      2. Preliminary Impressions – 5%
      3. Diagnostic Casts – 5%
      4. Individual Trays with Final Impression Materials – 15%
      5. Articulator with Try-In Dentures Seated on the Master Casts – 65% – TOTAL – 100%


As PRC reminders that all examinees are advised to be at their designated rooms before 6:30 in the morning on the first day of examination. Late examinees will not be admitted.

They are required to bring their Notice of Admission (NOA), applicant’s stub, official receipt, metered-stamped window mailing envelope, two or more pencils (No.2), black ball pens, long brown envelope and long plastic envelope. Examinees are required to wear their school uniform on examination day.

Things that are Prohibited inside the examination premises are the following: Books, notes, review and other printed materials containing the date, information, and formula. Gadget/devices like mobile phone, portable computers, programmable calculators. Bags of any kind. And other examination aides not stated in the examination program.


To receive an update about May 2017 Dentist board exam results visit PRC official website or follow us on our social media pages via Facebook and Twitter. And you may bookmark this page for easy access.

Source: PRC website

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