Room & School Assignments: March 12, 2017 (CSE-PPT) Civil Service Exam – Paper and Pencil Test

By | January 2, 2017

School Assignments March 12 2017 CSE PPT Civil Service Exam The Civil Service Commission (CSC) release the list of room and school assignments of the registered examinees in the March 12, 2017 Career Service Examination – Paper and Pencil Test (CSE-PPT)  for Professional and Sub-Professional Level is posted here.

The said Civil Service Exam will be held in 16 regional testing centers nationwide. All examinees who will take their examination may check their room and school assignment using the following link below.

  1. Region 1
  2. Region 2
  3. Region 3
  4. Region 4
  5. Region 5
  6. Region 6
  7. Region 7
  8. Region 8
  9. Region 9
  10. Region 10
  11. Region 11
  12. Region 12
  13. NCR
  14. CAR
  15. CARAGA
  16. ARMM

Another option to get your school and room assignments using the ONSA through the link: To use the ONSA, examinees should encode or fill in the required data in the corresponding data fields accurately.

Examinees are also encouraged to visit their assigned testing venue at least one day before the exam to familiarize themselves with the school location. Also CSC advised the examinees to be at their assigned Room and School by 6:30 AM.

CSC also emphasized that the “No I.D., No Exam” rule will be strictly implemented. For verification purposes, examinees should bring a valid I.D. with date of birth (preferably the same I.D. presented during the filing of examination; if I.D. has no date of birth, bring original copy of Birth Certificate), ONSA-generated notice of school assignment (if available), and application receipt with corresponding official receipt (if available).

Examinees must bring black ballpen/s to be use  in the answer sheets. Strictly prohibited inside the examination room are: such as calculators, dictionary, cellular phones, tablets, etc.

Further, please be advised that only those Civil Service Commission Regional Offices (CSCROs) with complete data have corresponding hyperlinks to their respective list of examinees. Should the CSCRO where you filed your application is not available, or you have difficulty in accessing the link, you may contact your respective CSCRO concerned. A complete directory of CSCROs is available at the CSC website

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