CSC is Now Accepting Application for April 17, 2016 CSE-PPT

By | November 13, 2015

cse-logo-ppt The Civil Service Commission (CSC) is now accepting application for next year’s Career Service Professional and SubProfessional written examinations  on April 17, 2016. 


The Civil Service Commission (CSC) has moved the deadline for filing of application for the April 17, 2016 Career Service Examination, Paper-and-Pencil Test (CSE-PPT) from February 25, 2016 to February 26, 2016.

Application Period: started on Nov. 9, 2015 and ends on Feb. 26, 2016 on a first-come, first-served basis.

Who’s to Apply: According to CSC, the Career Service Examinations – Paper-and-Pencil Test (CSE-PPT) are open to individuals who are Filipino citizens including those holding dual citizenship under R.A. 9225, at least 18 years old at the time of filing of application, and have not taken the same level of examination in less than three months. Applicants who meet these qualifications may apply for and take the CSE-PPT regardless of their educational attainment.

Application Requirements:

  • Properly accomplished Application Form (CS Form No. 100, Revised 2015)
  • Four pieces of recently taken passport size I.D. pictures
  • Original and photocopy of a valid I.D. card with date of birth.
    • NOTE: In case the I.D. card has no date of birth, original and photocopy of birth certificate issued by the National Statistics Office should be submitted.
  • Applicants holding dual citizenship should also submit the original and a photocopy of their Certification of Retention/Re-acquisition of Philippine Citizenship issued by the Bureau of Immigration.
  • Examination fee for both levels of examination is PhP500.

Applications should be filed personally at the CSC Regional Office (CSCRO), or at any of the concerned CSCRO’s Field Offices, where they intend to take the examination. Application forms are available at any CSC Regional or Field Office, or may be downloaded from the CSC website.

Passing the Career Service examinations results in the conferment of either Career Service Professional eligibility or Career Service SubProfessional eligibility needed, the minimum requirement for permanent appointment to corresponding positions in the government that do not involve practice of profession and are not covered by other/special laws.

Source: CSC Website

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